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GXZ J651 Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom, 500ML Quiet Air Humidifiers with Night Light, Top Fill Humidifier for Baby, Plant, Small Office Humidifier, Battery Powered Desktop Humidifiers, Auto Shut Off

About this item

  • Quiet & Instant Dry Air Relief - This cool mist humidifier produce a near-silent and quickly moisturizes dry air, the humidifiers for baby with a 0.5L tank for up to 7 hours of continuous operation so you and your family can breathe easy and get more restful sleep.
  • USB/Wireless Operated & Double Safety Protection - Inbuilt 2000mAh battery can keep working wirelessly up to 7 hours, Powered by USB Type-c compatible with any device.Double safety protection: First:Built-in water level sensor, the humidifier will automatically turn off the power when the water level is lower than the safe water level. Second:7 hours automatic shutdown to prevent dry burning function failure.
  • Top Fill Humidifier & Easy to Clean - Our humidifier is designed with top fill for easy refill and cleaning, and it is also very easy to clean by simply removing the lid and easily refilling or emptying the water.
  • Night Light Function - This vaporizer humidifier with two modes of night light function, constant light mode & breathing light mode.The first gear is always on at night, and the fog continues to emerge; the second gear is breathing range light, which presents intermittent fog, and the third gear can long press the button to turn off the light and continue to emit fog.
  • Use Tips-When using it for the first time, the cotton swab needs to be completely soaked before it can be put back into the humidifier to start working. If the product does not mist, please check whether the spring at the bottom of the cotton swab is missing, or wipe the mist outlet with a paper towel dipped in water. When adding essential oils,flowers and fruits, it is easy to deteriorate after soaking for a long time. It is recommended not to exceed 4 hours.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review